Israelize is the premier ideas incubator aimed to help young people around the world create, share, plan, and execute thousands of new ways to help Israel.

Things are moving faster than anyone planned. From products and ideas to companies and organizations, today’s leaders find themselves under increasing pressure to change directions on a dime—and are turning to new methods of inventing, evaluating, and implementing change.

But in much of the Israel-supporting world, new ideas continue to get bogged down in politics, committees, and egos. Top-down, it turns out, too often means “slow down.” A start-up nation cannot survive at a snail’s pace.

Israelize was founded on the insight that the this generation of Israel supporters have seen enough big bureaucracies, funders, and fear. Instead of always clashing with our enemies, they want to drink from the waters of Israeli creativity.

Instead of merely defending Israel, they want to be a part of the Israeli miracle themselves. Above all, they need a framework for achieving their dreams and the freedom to move fast.

They need, in other words, to be empowered.


Israelize offers a bold solution: An online, global incubator for new ideas that help build Israel. At Israelize, we do not tell people to focus on advocacy or trips or anything else. We do not spoon-feed them their “message” in pre-packaged Tweets. Instead, we give them a place where their most crazy, creative, cutting-edge ideas can be tossed about, formulated, improved, critiqued, and perfected.

We encourage them to help others out, creating a community of innovation. Then we help them go from idea to plan, from plan to people, from people to execution. We teach them everything we know about timetables, management, fundraising, marketing, and everything else they need to succeed.

We offer:

  • A closed community of creative, critical thinkers who can help each other hone, improve, and adjust their nascent ideas
  • Access to experienced, savvy people around the world who can join their projects and build their teams
  • Matching them with donors (nonprofit) and investors (for-profit) to help them realize their ideas
  • Mentoring to help them find the people they need to make things happen.
  • Ongoing consulting for projects that have already been launched.

 An Attitude

Israelize is both a software platform and an attitude: A unique place for making new ideas work, and an attitude that says that we don’t have to do things the old way.

Taken together, Israelize offers a formula for radically channeling the creativity of participants towards achievable goals, for empowering and giving ownership across an array of projects, and for dramatically changing the way Israel is supported all around the world.

For this reason, in the future Israelize will offer its unique incubator formula to organizations, movements, houses of worship, or any group that sees the benefit of ideas incubation and bottom-up transformation. The growth potential is enormous: Within one year, we envision thousands, if not tens of thousands, of young people coming together from around the world, comparing notes and generating new ideas, projects, and collaborations, training one another, and moving our people forward in history.

Israelize is not competing with other organizations around the globe—instead, it may offer them a tremendous boost by helping them galvanize their own creative juices.