Advice for your Ideas: Dr. Ronald Ellis of NasVax

Dr. Ronald Ellis holds a Ph.D. in Biology from Cornell University.  He is the lead scientist at NasVax, an Israeli company based in Ness-Ziona.  NasVax  is forging new ground in developing a treatment for people suffering from liver disease.

Dr. Ellis describes what makes Israeli biotechnology companies unique. “Israeli companies are much more cost effective and move rapidly.  We use financial resource with more focus than American companies. Israeli biotechnology companies have limited resources compared to their counterparts in the US.  We do a lot more outsourcing, and spend most of our time managing other companies.  For example we know that other companies can do many functions better and at a lower cost than if we did everything on our own.  When we need to produce an antibody, run clinical trials, or sequence a DNA molecule, we find a firm that is an exert in that function.”

How can you use Dr. Ellis’ advice to turn ideas into reality?

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