Better ideas are…better!

Ur Ideas

There are many new ways to support and give to Israel.

The old way: an organization is supporting Israel, telling you what to do, and you give money to it (and join them at events). Relationship developed? Kinda, but not really.

The new way: you take ownership for your support, you submit your ideas, and invite others to join you to realize your idea. Relationships developed? Absolutely.

With the new way, there are a few paths available:

1. Incubation.

Israelize is meant to be an incubator for your idea. To help at the very start of your idea to help Israel. And, to gather others to influence, question and further develop the idea until it is ready to “hatch” or be implemented.

If you have the idea ready and don’t wish to incubate, there are also paths to go down. You could use Israelize to try to get others behind your idea, or partner with us to find other support for funding.

2. Crowd

Focused on Jewish causes & Israel, does this right now. They are a crowd-funding platform for projects ready for funding.

The Shift

The key is to understand the shift that is happening. There is a move toward focused and specific mini-projects that tackle small problems as they arise.

While millions and millions of dollars are being spent supporting the large pro-Israel organizations (whether they are effective for not), there are other options for those looking to focused and effective support for Israel.

Small and flexible groups of individuals that care that understand that they are already connected to millions of others who love Israel. They translate that care to ideas and move to realize those ideas. Then, connect to those millions to support these ideas as needed without the bloated bureaucracy and lack of attention of many of the established organizations.

This is what the new connectivity means. This is what IS happening. The question is: will the pro-Israel community fight or embrace it?

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