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“Looking back, I’m proud of the prodigies I nurtured. My investment in human capital always paid off, whether or not the ventured succeeded.”

Roni Einav, one of the founding fathers of the Israeli high-tech industry.  He is  the author of Nordau to NASDAQ.

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Better ideas are…better!

There are many new ways to support and give to Israel. The old way: an organization is supporting Israel, telling you what to do, and you give money to it (and join them at events). Relationship developed? Kinda, but not

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Israelize your Tribe

:: We’ve gone tribal. Modern connectivity and technology has allowed our world to face one another in ways unprecedented in human history. It has also let us find one another based on vision and ideology. Whether you have realized it or

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:: Notice who’s partnering with whom to get an ‘edge’…

New York University (NYU) will create an applied sciences campus in Brooklyn after becoming the second winner in a contest sponsored by Mayor Michael Bloomberg to boost New York’s global competitiveness in the sciences. Read more…

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