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Advice for your Ideas: Nadav Kidron, CEO of Oramed Pharmaceuticals

Nadav Kidron describes his greatest challenge as the CEO of Oramed as “Events happening that are outside of our control as we have to coordinate with many companies for drug development, trials, etc. – so being able to deliver results

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What advice can you give to young people who want to turn ideas into reality?

Israelize is the premier ideas incubator aimed to help young people around the world create, share, plan, and execute thousands of new ways to help Israel. Quotes should be 150 to 300 words, including a biographical tagline. Please include one

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Bad Ideas

A great article on the necessity of bad ideas: Fear of bad ideas   A few people are afraid of good ideas, ideas that make a difference or contribute in some way. Good ideas bring change, that’s frightening. But many

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JewCanDo! – Opportune Time

We live in a rare moment in human history. We can connect, communicate, and collaborate with others around the world. We can decide to start something and within days do it. Take ‘JewCanDo!’ A simple concept of making sure people

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Top 10 crowdsourcing ways to use your idea to help Israel

Israelize encourages these 10 ways to use your idea to better support Israel:   1. Combine your passions. We know you are passionate about Israel. What else are you passionate about? Outdoor activities? Writing? Stuffing marshmellows in your mouth? Take

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Do you feel like this while reading the news about Israel?

U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee Kirk Amendment part of the State Department and Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill for 2013. State Department to five million Palestinians who UNWRA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees. In 2004, Pasok, the

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Yigal Azrouel, designing in the army

Yigal Azrouel is considered the Israeli fashion hottie in the US, although his work isn’t actually blue-and-white. In fact, it never was. Azrouel had no formal education, but remembers sketching dresses while serving in the army. He’s known now for

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Don’t be ignored

When you step out and support Israel, you will be misunderstood. You will be judged. There is not enough time to fully explain every detail and angle to every person. When you express your ideas to support Israel, don’t expect

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Why Israelize?

We believe that the status quo concerning our support for Israel must challenged. We do this by creating networks that will allow YOU to lead and create change. Global change. Your ideas, your commitment, and your ability to lead are

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We need to Israelize the pro-Israel movement

This film makes it clear on why we must Israelize the pro-Israel movement. Tal Ben Shahar (who also trained the founder of Israelize – Andrew Summey) takes you on a journey of why Israel is the incredibly innovative and creative

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