Gold plated sundae & Israel

$1,000 Most Expensive Ice Cream Sundae

A 10-year old told me this today: He mentioned that in New York there was a $100,000 sundae for sale. He told me that it came in a solid gold bowl, gold spoon, and had flakes of gold on top of the ice cream (that you ingest). He mentioned that you keep the spoon and bowl.

Well, I came home and looked it up on the web. It is $1,000 and you don’t get to keep the bowl or spoon. It is the Guinness World Record holder for the most expensive sundae. The restaurant is Serendipity.

So, what does this have to do with Israel and Israelize? Everything. It is the lesson.

The lesson: Two ten year-olds were talking about this sundae in New York. It got a young professional (me) to spend quite a bit of mental energy and time on this. I came home and looked it up. Why? Because it was interesting, different, and out of the ordinary. Worth remarking about. Or, remarkable. I even am writing a post about this.

I also know that “the catch” is not that they sell a lot of these sundaes (perhaps they will sell none). But I bet this will be in my mind when I next visit New York. And, I bet that I might even check it out. And, I probably will buy a $10 ice cream. And, every 10 year old wants to go to this ice cream shop now.

Even if no one buys that $1,000 ice cream, it is raking in marketing for the restaurant.

And, that’s the lesson. When you do something that is extraordinary and remarkable, it begins to work for you. What ideas that will help Israel that will get people talking?

How would you make a 100,000Shekel Falafel?

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