Israelize your Tribe

:: We’ve gone tribal. Modern connectivity and technology has allowed our world to face one another in ways unprecedented¬†in human history. It has also let us find one another based on vision and ideology.

Your TribeWhether you have realized it or not, you are a part of a tribe. Actually, you are probably a part of many different tribes. Your tribes may be more general like the college or university you attend. It may be more specific like those obsessed with a particular type of toothbrush.

You are probably reading this because you connect with those who want to support Israel somehow. Your tribes can be due to your beliefs, family history, interest, and/or your study-focus.

Think of what tribes you move in – are you a leader in any tribe? Do you want to be a leader for a tribe? Have you thought about having your tribe connect to Israel? We encourage and want to help you “Israelize” your tribe.

Past pro-Israel organizations and movements have encouraged you to merely join their large tribe. That’s great. That makes sense in some Ur Ideasrespects depending on the goal. But, that can also cause you to “let-go” of combining your favorite tribe (art) in order to be effective in their tribe (politics).

Ur-Ideas¬†asks you to promote an idea, form a tribe based on it, and then Israelize it. Or “realize” your idea. “Globalize” with others who want to be a part of this idea of YOURS, and then “mobilize” – use it to help Israel in some way.

Just Israelize it.

Have you requested your invitation to the idea incubator – Ur Ideas?

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