JewCanDo! – Opportune Time

JewCanDo!We live in a rare moment in human history. We can connect, communicate, and collaborate with others around the world. We can decide to start something and within days do it.

Take ‘JewCanDo!’ A simple concept of making sure people know Jewish accomplishments in Israel and the United States. The idea was posted and a few people from around the world got behind it. It is a small start. But, considering the cost, why not start, try, try, make mistakes, try and…

What happens if you fail with starting things? You learn. What happens if you succeed? You change a little part of the universe.

I think this is an important effort to begin chronicling and promoting the positive contributions that the Jewish people have done. I bet it is near infinite. Luckily today’s software allows this.

Get involved – JewCanDo

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