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Top 10 crowdsourcing ways to use your idea to help Israel

Israelize encourages these 10 ways to use your idea to better support Israel:   1. Combine your passions. We know you are passionate about Israel. What else are you passionate about? Outdoor activities? Writing? Stuffing marshmellows in your mouth? Take

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Better ideas are…better!

There are many new ways to support and give to Israel. The old way: an organization is supporting Israel, telling you what to do, and you give money to it (and join them at events). Relationship developed? Kinda, but not

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What you exist for

It should not be believed that all the beings exist for the sake of the existence of humanity. On the contrary, all the other beings too have been intended for their own sakes, and not for the sake of something

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Israelize attitude

Israelize was founded on the insight that YOU have seen enough big bureaucracies, funders, and fear. Instead of always clashing with our enemies, you want to drink from the waters of Israeli creativity. Instead of merely defending Israel, you want

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An Attitude

Israelize is both a software platform and an attitude: A unique place for making new ideas work, and an attitude that says that we don’t have to do things the old way. Taken together, Israelize offers a formula for radically

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Don’t be ignored

When you step out and support Israel, you will be misunderstood. You will be judged. There is not enough time to fully explain every detail and angle to every person. When you express your ideas to support Israel, don’t expect

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Why Israelize?

We believe that the status quo concerning our support for Israel must challenged. We do this by creating networks that will allow YOU to lead and create change. Global change. Your ideas, your commitment, and your ability to lead are

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We need to Israelize the pro-Israel movement

This film makes it clear on why we must Israelize the pro-Israel movement. Tal Ben Shahar (who also trained the founder of Israelize – Andrew Summey) takes you on a journey of why Israel is the incredibly innovative and creative

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Just Israelize Today’s Challenge

:: Yesterday’s challenge was getting the message out. In the past we’d have to get 10,000 people in a convention center to get them the information they need. Then, we hoped that networks would develop and relationships could be made.

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Do not wait

:: An ideological battle is Israel’s greatest challenge. Response? A creative and flexible network. YOU, as young people, are the most equipped to meet this challenge. Israelize seeks to direct resources and strategies to equip you. YOU are leading now.

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