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Israelize attitude

Israelize was founded on the insight that YOU have seen enough big bureaucracies, funders, and fear. Instead of always clashing with our enemies, you want to drink from the waters of Israeli creativity. Instead of merely defending Israel, you want

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Do not wait

:: An ideological battle is Israel’s greatest challenge. Response? A creative and flexible network. YOU, as young people, are the most equipped to meet this challenge. Israelize seeks to direct resources and strategies to equip you. YOU are leading now.

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Importance of Failures

:: We need to fail more often. Why? A failure is an idea or project that did not work as you were moving toward your goal. Yet, that very failure causes you to grow and learn. Here at Israelize, we encourage stepping

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Israelize your Tribe

:: We’ve gone tribal. Modern connectivity and technology has allowed our world to face one another in ways unprecedented in human history. It has also let us find one another based on vision and ideology. Whether you have realized it or

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