Ceding Jerusalem?

Benjamin Netanyahu Jerusalem Day speech

During the Jerusalem Day speech, Benjamin Netanyahu expressed – “There are those who believe that if we only divide Jerusalem, and that means giving up the Temple Mount, they believe we will have peace. I am doubtful, to say the

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Don’t be ignored

Don't be Ignored

When you step out and support Israel, you will be misunderstood. You will be judged. There is not enough time to fully explain every detail and angle to every person. When you express your ideas to support Israel, don’t expect

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Why Israelize?


We believe that the status quo concerning our support for Israel must challenged. We do this by creating networks that will allow YOU to lead and create change. Global change. Your ideas, your commitment, and your ability to lead are

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We need to Israelize the pro-Israel movement

Israel Inside

This film makes it clear on why we must Israelize the pro-Israel movement. Tal Ben Shahar (who also trained the founder of Israelize – Andrew Summey) takes you on a journey of why Israel is the incredibly innovative and creative

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Just Israelize Today’s Challenge

Washington DC Convention Center Crowd

:: Yesterday’s challenge was getting the message out. In the past we’d have to get 10,000 people in a convention center to get them the information they need. Then, we hoped that networks would develop and relationships could be made.

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Do not wait

Young Israeli Soldier

:: An ideological battle is Israel’s greatest challenge. Response? A creative and flexible network. YOU, as young people, are the most equipped to meet this challenge. Israelize seeks to direct resources and strategies to equip you. YOU are leading now.

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Hatred toward Israel & Jews at all time high on campuses globally

Anti-semitism on campus

:: It is time to celebrate Israel. For students around the world to come out and just say it plainly – “We love Israel and will stand with her.” When you see hate, be bold, confront with questions and speak

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Importance of Failures


:: We need to fail more often. Why? A failure is an idea or project that did not work as you were moving toward your goal. Yet, that very failure causes you to grow and learn. Here at Israelize, we encourage stepping

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Israelize your Tribe

Screen Shot 2012-05-02 at 9.17.10 AM

:: We’ve gone tribal. Modern connectivity and technology has allowed our world to face one another in ways unprecedented in human history. It has also let us find one another based on vision and ideology. Whether you have realized it or

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Time to Israelize pro-Israel advocacy.


Do you know what causes more tragic deaths than anything else in Israel? Not terrorism. Not a disease. But, like most countries - road accident fatalities. Well, now there’s an app for that. Israel’s iOnRoad helps you make quick decisions while you

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