Why Israelize?

Shattering the status quo

We believe that the status quo concerning our support for Israel must challenged.

We do this by creating networks that will allow YOU to lead and create change. Global change.

Your ideas, your commitment, and your ability to lead are the only limits.

You (students today) have grown up with the connectivity that has only been possible since the late 1990s. The fast, instant and fluid connectivity and communication has been a part of the thinking and brain pathways since you began learning.

And, you believe that Israel is more than “just another country”. It is a unique and special nation that is more about an idea than it is about physical borders. Physical borders are only important to allow the ideas, beliefs and dreams to grow and thrive. And, those borders (physical & ideological) are important to defend.

We will not control you. We will own our part to make it as easy as possible to connect with others. And, we will give you credit. If you do not step out, you will be missed.

Israel itself symbolizes both innovation & challenging the status quo. It is time to Israelize the pro-Israel movement.

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